Seller Frequently Asked Questions
Una Campagna e' rappresentata da uno o più prodotti sui quali puoi applicare un tuo Design/Logo/Creazione.
Al completamento della tua campagna avrai un url che potrai usare per far pubblicizzare la tua campagna su tutti i canali che preferisci.
Più campagna possono essere unificate all'interno di uno STORE nella tua area privata.
Una Campagna può essere anche privata, non avrai un'url pubblico da diffondere ma potrai usare la campagna privata per trasmetterci gli ordini ricevuti dal design su altre piattforme o sul tuo e-commerce, stamparli e spedirli al cliente finale.
Nothing happens, the goal is only indicative of the amount of products you would like to sell, to push your audience to help achieve it, but each product will be produced as soon as possible. sold.
At the time the order is delivered to the final customer.
It costs nothing, it is all free and you can open as many as you like.
On the Payout Page, you can request a deposit of what you earn.
If your campaign is in this state, it is because it has violated one of our policies and it can no longer be reopened, and any gains are cancelled.
It is possible to request the payment as soon as the minimum payout of 50€ is reached at any time.
Each Seller must independently, if necessary, pay the taxes due, in accordance with the laws of its own country.