DGT (Magliette, Felpe & Abbigliamento): Produzione In Ritardo Tempo Medio Produzione 4.9 Giorni

Sublimazione (Tazze, Zerbini e Accessori): Produzione in linea

Sublimazione Cute & Sew (Magliette All-Over, Plaid, Coperte, Teli Mare): Produzione in linea

Inkjet (Poster & Canvas): Produzione in linea



Tazza Fluo: in arrivo in 7/10 giorni

T-shirt Unisex XXL Black: in arrivo il 30/04/2021

Canotte Uomo/Donna: (alcune taglie colori) 10/05

T-Shirt Bambino:  (alcune taglie colori) 10/05

Felpe Premium: (alcune taglie colori) 10/05

T-Shirt Unisex:  (alcune taglie colori) 10/05



DGT (T-shirts, Sweatshirts & Clothing): Delay Production AVG 4.9 days

Sublimation (Mugs, Doormats and Accessories): in line production

Cute & Sew Sublimation (All-Over T-Shirts, Plaids, Blankets, Beach Towels): in line production

Inkjet (Poster & Canvas): in line production



Fluo Cup: arriving in 7/10 days

Unisex XXL Black T-shirt: arriving on 30/04/2021

Tank Top: (some sizes/colors) 10/05/2021.

T-Shirt Baby: (some sizes/colors) 10/05/2021.

T-Shirt Unisex: (some sizes/colors) 10/05/2021.

Premium Hoodie: (some sizes/colors) 10/05/2021.

ExtraEU Deliveries

Due to the new brexit rules fo UK shipping, delays are possible in entrusting orders to couriers, it may be necessary to send additional documents.


Last Update 01/04/2021