Soft and comfortable socks for woman and man. Long and white, in stretch fabric with black toe and heel. The sock has a ribbed tube and padded bottom. Printable on the entire surface with sublimation printing technique.

Technical Features

Material and features: 95% polyester, 5% elastan. Ribbed tube, padded bottom. Black toe, black heel

Man’s sock sizes: 7,5 x 40 cm

Woman’s sock sizes: 7,5 x 35 cm

Weight: 200 g

Other Information

Minimum File Size: 2992 x 2992 pixel

Maximum Printable Area: 140 x 340 mm

Printing Technique: sublimation

Base Price: € 8.90

Suggested sale price: € 19.90

Production days: 5/7 days

Special Features Available

Store: yes

Shopify: yes

Api: yes

Dropshipping: yes