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Poster with Frame

The new Framed Poster in 4 sizes are available on Hoplix. The frame is in lacquered solid wood available in black and white and with a 2.5 cm profile. The glass is tempered on the front to protect the print on professional satin photo paper. Technical Characteristics Poster with Frame 20x30 Materials and characteristics: wood, glass Weight: 500 g Available colors: white, black Other Information Production time: 5 to 7 [...]

2021-04-14T09:43:56+02:00April 14th, 2021|Categories: English Articles|

How to Customize an Order Before Production

Did you know that we have activated a new "Standby Campaign" function designed and created for creatives, designers and caricaturists who need to make important customizations? It was designed to allow you to pause orders received to review and approve them before they go into production. Do you need to make a caricature for a customer's photo or turn it into a comic? With this function you can totally modify [...]

2021-02-01T16:02:34+01:00February 1st, 2021|Categories: English Articles|

How to Sell Print on Demand Products on WooCommerce

Welcome back to our blog! In this article we will explain how to sell your customized products on your WooCommerce store completely for free. Simply connect your WooCommerce to Hoplix using the appropriate plugin that will allow you to immediately select the campaigns you want to export to your WooCommerce. Just as easily, your orders will be automatically imported to our platform, printed and shipped! The first thing to do [...]

2021-01-26T13:08:57+01:00January 26th, 2021|Categories: English Articles|

Tools to Create Logos and Designs

In this article we want to give you some tips on how to create a design for your customized products. As you have already read in our previous article, the first thing to do is to find a winning idea for your products. Once you have done all your research and defined your niche, you can dedicate yourself to your design realization. Create Your Own Graphics If you want to [...]

2021-02-01T16:17:26+01:00December 4th, 2020|Categories: English Articles|

Some Useful Tools to Find Your Target Audience

You have decided to create your first store by relying on Print on Demand, but you don't know yet clear what the winning idea will be that will make your project fly. No problem. If you've landed here, you're definitely looking for some good tips to get started. Starting means, in this very first phase, finding a valid idea. This will be linked to a target, a market niche, and [...]

2021-02-01T16:18:23+01:00November 30th, 2020|Categories: English Articles|

How to Import Orders Through CSV/XLS File

If you have a Store that uses CMS or Marketplace that is not yet supported, you can import your orders to Hoplix using CSV/XLS files. In this way you will import a large amount of orders and campaigns. By clicking on Integrations and Import CSV/ XLS in the left menu, you can: Download all products list on Hoplix and an example file for importing your orders via file in case [...]

2021-02-01T16:19:50+01:00November 20th, 2020|Categories: English Articles|

How to Link your Amazon Seller Account with Hoplix

If you have an Amazon seller account, it is very easy to connect it with your store on Hoplix. In this tutorial we will explain the steps to follow. By scrolling on the left menu , go to Integrations/Amazon and click on Getting Started Selling on Amazon button. If you are not an Amazon seller, you can buy the Professional Seller Plan for € 39.99/month by clicking on the appropriate [...]

2021-02-01T16:20:51+01:00November 9th, 2020|Categories: English Articles|

Products with Customizable Text and Image by End User

Did you know that a wide range of products on Hoplix is ​​customizable by customers? Yes, Hoplix offers this possibility: from personalized texts to images. In this tutorial we will show you how easy it is. Start selecting the product to customize, in this case a t-shirt. Click on Images and then on the Add Image From Customizable button. Once this is done, a dashed box indicating the future image [...]

2021-02-01T16:22:12+01:00November 6th, 2020|Categories: English Articles|

How to Create and Customize a Print on Demand Store-Part II

Welcome to this second part dedicated to your store creation and personalization on Hoplix. We have examined in the part I the Main Settings, Store Products, Collections, Pages and Preferences menus. Let's now talk about the Customize menu. Upload Logo, Fav Icon, Header and Description Here you can upload your logo in the box. Your logo must be 198 x 99 pixels and in PNG format. To upload it, just [...]

2021-02-01T16:22:56+01:00November 5th, 2020|Categories: English Articles|

How to Create and Customize a Print on Demand Store – Part I

Welcome back! In this tutorial we will explain how to create and manage your store on Hoplix in a few simple steps. As a first step you will need to log into your personal panel and click on the top menu My Account.   Once on the left menu, click on Store and Create/Manage. Now you will see the management panel, you can enter the name chosen for the store [...]

2021-02-01T16:25:13+01:00November 4th, 2020|Categories: English Articles|