Well yes, the Hoplix DASHBOARD has changed, with the addition of great rewards and discounts for sellers and all new members. 

This article has the task of explaining, step by step, how to start selling, and therefore the business path, what the growth levels are and how to get the discounts. 




Let’s start with the first bar that appears in the Dashboard! Many sellers will already be familiar with these steps, but it is worth clarifying them for those who are not yet experts in Print On Demand. Enjoy reading and have a good start!

Step 1: Start here for your climb to success!

This is where the journey begins on Hoplix, creating your first campaign. Choose and create your product, define your price and sales goals, and finally name your product and start your campaign which will then be displayed on your Dashboard. For more information please leave the link to the creation of a Hoplix campaign! ( https://hoplix.com/print-on-demand-university/en/how-to-create-a-…mpaign-on-hoplix/ ‎)

Step two: How to start your sales strategy!
Here you can choose how to start your business path, whether:

Step three: Now sell and earn. Get your first order.
Here we explain how and with which tools you can understand and choose your ideal audience, such as facebook ads, google ads, Tik tok ads etc. To do this, we recommend you read the article on Tips for reaching your ideal audience. (https://hoplix.com/print-on-demand-university/tips-for-reaching-your-audience/)

Immediately below is the second bar:

This is the absolute novelty of Hoplix and we will explain it to you in more detail!
Thanks to the orders you place you will be able to progress through the POD path to become an expert and receive a gift at each level.

POD ROOKIE: Reach the first 100 orders to get off to a great start, unlock the next level and receive the gift!

POD STUDENT: Reach 250 orders to unlock the next level, to start seriously studying the business and to receive the gift.

POD EXPERT: Reach 1,000 orders to unlock the success level and start considering yourself a Master of Print on Demand and receive the gift!

POD MASTER: Reach 5,000 orders to unlock the next level and to receive the beautiful and ‘relaxing’ gift!

POD GURU: Reach 10,000 orders to unlock the next level and receive the great surprise gift that we will design especially for the seller.

Every time you reach a level, the rosette will be coloured and you will be able to claim the gift. But until then we won’t reveal anything.
The levels will help you to create your own business in a fun and somewhat competitive way and to turn this second occupation or hobby into a real job with significant earnings.
Finally, we have decided to further reward our sellers with discounts. At the very bottom of the levels you will find this bar:

Here the acquisition of discounts is quite intuitive.
In the first case, the 2.5% sticker means that if in the previous month you invoiced between € 0.00 and € 1,000.00 you will get an extra 2.50% discount on all Hoplix products.

€ 1,000.00 e € 2,500.00 = 4%
€ 5,000.00 e € 7,500.00 = 6%
€ 7,500.00 e € 10,000.00 = 8%
€ 10,000.00 e € 20,000.00 = 10%

Levels and discounts are not linked. Levels are earned and rewards are received based on the number of orders placed, while discounts are received based on turnover, i.e. your earnings.

These were the changes made to the Dashboard by the Hoplix staff.
Now if you haven’t yet visited the site to see these new features, go now and start this exciting and competitive journey to create your business and your significant earnings from nothing.

For any other questions or doubts, you can contact the Hoplix staff via email [email protected]