Hoplix è la prima azienda di stampa e gestione on-demand in italia, nata nel 2020 a Napoli. Hoplix aiuta futuri seller a trasformare le loro creazioni ed idee in business.

La persona in questione non deve pensare a niente oltre alla creazione del prodotto, perchè alla produzione e alla spedizione ci pensiamo noi. Ciò di cui dovrà occuparsi il seller è di individuare la sua nicchia di mercato e quindi il suo pubblico di riferimento e cercare una buona strategia di Marketing per vendere.

HOPLIX SRL — Registered in the Register of Innovative StartUps

Registered Office

Via Antiniana 2/I Scala D .2 Piano

Pozzuoli (NA) - 80078

VAT registration number: 09217461210

Email: [email protected]

Sede operativa

VIA Antiniana, 115 Piano TS1 lotto 6

Pozzuoli (NA) - 80078

Share capital € 50.000,00 i.v.

We believe that ....

...the vitality and strength of our company comes from the people who work there.

...the goal is to pursue the lasting trust of our community.

...it is essential to contribute to the well-being of the people who washed with us and of the users of our services.

...it is necessary to pursue change every day starting from the little things.

...is fundamentally to pursue a sustainable future for the protection of the environment and future generations.

In addition, in our offices there is always a small painting that reads

I knew if I failed, I wouldn't regret it. The only thing I could regret is not trying.

—J. Bezos

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Hoplix is a solid supplier and great reliability. Thanks to the quality of products,...

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I work in the Print on Demand and use Hoplix since she was born, because thank you and this...

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