Automate your orders through our API

All printing products can be Automatically managed configuring our API . Le Notre API Automate the sending of orders from your online store to our sites, but to do so you will need to hire a programmer


Why automate your orders with our API

Excellent Earnings

Every month you will have an account of your earnings, adding and receiving rewards and discounts

Automatic Fulfillment

Your orders will be automatically imported, printed and shipped


Integrations are possible with any cms, marketplace or mobile app

How to get the keys API for authentication

Via to Settings

Go to your account and click on the item 'Settings Menu'

Generate Key

Go to the API Key tab. Continue by clicking the Generate Api Key button

All OK!

Here's Done! Are you ready for the first API call

Why choose Hoplix

Print, produce and ship your order directly to your customer anywhere in the world with your brand
All you have to do is attract your audience and start your business, earning!

Ship to over 50 countries

Ship your orders in record time and to over 50 countries


No Hoplix logos on products and packaging. Enter your brand freely

Automatic Fulfillment

Your orders will be automatically imported, printed and shipped


Over 150 quality products, with new releases every month

No minimum order

Forget warehouse stocks and waste. We will ship for you every order received

Quality and customer service

In addition to product quality, we offer you a dedicated customer service

That's why so many sellers choose us

A.Kayed | Pod Guru

Hoplix is one of my favorite platforms. Not only for quantity...

G.Garofalo | Pod Master

Hoplix is a solid supplier and great reliability. Thanks to the quality of products,...

C.Panzarea | Pod Expert

I work in the Print on Demand and use Hoplix since she was born, because thank you and this...

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