Sell t-shirts, posters & other products on Amazon

With Hoplix you can start selling printed products on Amazon now!

Start selling more than 100 products, 250 variants with the your design. There are no monthly installation costs, and you do not need to stock.

HOPLIX - Amazon Integration

Why use Amazon + Hoplix?

Automatic Fulfillment

We will automatically print and ship your Amazon orders

Easily export products

With a seplicate click you can export our products to Amazon

Sell on a reliable market

Millions of buyers trust and shop on Amazon

Promote your products

Take advantage of Amazon's advertising opportunities

How to start a business with Amazon integration, if:

Create a Campaign

A Campaign is represented by a Product with its related products, for each campaign you can have a direct link to sell, aggregate them in one or more stores or export them anywhere with our integrations.

Give consent to post your Campaign on Amazon

Give consent to export your Hoplix Campaign to the Hoplix Amazon Store

Our staff will decide whether your Campaign can be published

Wait for Earnings

Once your product is sold you will see the earnings credited to your account

Subscribe as an Amazon seller

To integrate your Amazon store with Hoplix, you must have the Professional Seller plan. It costs €39.99/month plus the percentage on each sale.

Amazon GTIN Exemption Instructions

If you already have it, you're good! Otherwise, here's how to do it. Request GTIN Exemption

Link your Amazon seller account with Hoplix

After obtaining the approved GTIN exemption, connect Hoplix to your Amazon store.

Add and sync your products with your Amazon store

Use our product push generator to modify and automatically send the product to your store.

All done!"

Once we receive an order on Amazon, Hoplix will import it into your account and ship it to your customer.

See also our tutorial on Youtube

Why choose Hoplix

Print, produce and ship your order directly to your customer anywhere in the world with your brand
All you have to do is attract your audience and start your business, earning!

Ship to over 50 countries

Ship your orders in record time and to over 50 countries


No Hoplix logos on products and packaging. Enter your brand freely

Automatic Fulfillment

Your orders will be automatically imported, printed and shipped


Over 150 quality products, with new releases every month

No minimum order

Forget warehouse stocks and waste. We will ship for you every order received

Quality and customer service

In addition to product quality, we offer you a dedicated customer service

That's why so many sellers choose us

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For free. Without risks. Without constraints.We take care of everything!