General Terms and Conditions


HOPLIX is a platform which allows SELLER to sell their design on the products that the platform makes available. The SELLER has to provide for the creation of the campaign and/or of the store, and, if deemed necessary, for its sponsorship.
When a sale takes place, HOPLIX will take care of the printing and shipping of the sold product. By completing the subscription, the SELLER declares to have read and accepted these conditions and terms of use and to accept that HOPLIX is entitled to modify them at any time.


To create an account the SELLER shall provide:

In addition, before requiring the proceeds from the sales, it is necessary to fill in the form with all the requested fields.
Once created the account, the SELLER will be able to create and manage campaigns/stores and promotional codes. They will also be able to monitor their gains and require the payment of their gains.


The SELLER is able to create in their account as many campaigns as they prefer without limits and to associate them to one or more stores. The SELLER ensures HOPLIX that all texts, descriptions and anything used for the creation of a campaign/store respect and do not cover any violation of law and regulation in force. In particular, they do not violate rights of third parties and they do not constitute a violation of any other pre-existing work or creation of any type, regardless of their modes of protection (copyright, design, labels, etc.).

HOPLIX reserves the right to delete and/or modify all or part of the campaign in the event in which there is a conflict with the rules in force, or if necessary with notification of the SELLER.

The SELLER is free to advertise their campaigns, to buy advertising space or to communicate via email or any other mean of their choice at their own expense and under their responsibility. In addition, they take responsibility for any violation of rules and copyright laws.


The balance of the prepaid Wallet does not expire, but it is not refundable or transferable to others, amounts will be invoiced once used.


With the purchase of products with WAREHOUSE management the SELLER acquires upon payment of the cost of the product, a monthly handling and storage fee, the ability to use the on-demand shipping service of the products usually within 24/48 working hours from the time an order is completed in the platform that includes products in its WAREHOUSE as shown in the management panel in the platform.

In case of account inactivity for more than 180 days and non-payment of monthly storage fees HOPLIX reserves the right to destroy any products still in stock.


With the purchase of branding products, the SELLER acquires upon payment of the cost of the product and a cost per insertion (handling cost) the ability for the purchased product (flyer/sticker/other) to be included in its shipments.

HOPLIX undertakes where possible to include in shipments the products purchased but reserves the right in case of logistical, production and / or cofention problems to not include the product, this does not entitle to a refund of the cost of the individual product or the cost of handling.
In case of account inactivity for more than 180 days HOPLIX reserves the right to destroy any brading products still in stock.


With the purchase of the domain the SELLER declares that he is aware that his data only for the purposes of domain registration are transferred to (P.IVA: 03239430964).
The person responsible for the data processing is Daniele Iunco, Owner of GIDINET.At his will if necessary GIDINET transfers them to the appropriate registry, possibly through an intermediary registrar if there is one.

The registered domain is usable only in connection with a store on the HOPLIX platform, and User agrees to release HOPLIX from any liability in the event of complaints, lawsuits, governmental or administrative actions, losses or damages (including legal fees and expenses) arising from the unlawful use of the Services by User or one or more of its customers.

HOPLIX may discontinue the service without notice, in which case the User will be refunded the unused portion of the service calculated on the basis of the days of non-provision of the same already anticipated by the User. The civil and criminal liability of the information published through the service offered by HOPLIX remains with the User. The information released for the domains is public and viewable through WHOIS services and no masking service is offered


Subscription to the PLUS plan entitles you to all the benefits indicated on the membership page, HOPLIX reserves the right to expand or modify them, in case of modification the SELLER has the right to request cancellation of the subscription and redemption of the remaining period.
The HOPLIX has 7 days from the subscription date to request cancellation and therefore lose all the benefits of the PLUS plan and are entitled to a refund of the entire amount paid, once the SELLER applies for the domain included in the PLUS plan loses the ability to request a refund.
After 7 days it is possible to cancel the subscription at any time but the amount paid up to the next renewal will not be refunded.


As soon as an order is completed and successfully paid, HOPLIX guarantees the printing/production and shipping of the item to the address indicated by the final consumer. The SELLER recognises that all products sold from their first campaign/store are subject to the following conditions of sale.


The total or partial reproduction of HOPLIXor of any other element, by using any means and for any purpose without the written consent from HOPLIX is strictly forbidden. The user concerned is responsible for a civil and criminal proceedings by HOPLIX. The SELLER grants free of charge HOPLIX the right to transfer this licence to third parties, a non-exclusive licence which covers the printing rights, reproduction, adaptation and representation of the original creations for the campaign and, in particular, the production, the promotion and the sale of the products concerned, for the whole duration of the campaign.

The SELLER also grants HOPLIX free of charge the possibility to use brands, logos, images and links of the stores as references on the respective communication channels and/or information and promotional materials.


The SELLER recognises that, in the event of the publication on HOPLIX of any content which violates the rights of third parties and which does not comply with the applicable regulations, HOPLIX reserves the right to remove them without warning at any time, both spontaneously or in case of notice from third parties.
In the event in which HOPLIX is contacted by the owners of the rights of contents reproduced in one of the campaigns, the SELLER has to demonstrate that they have an authorisation for the reproduction of the contested content. If within 24 hours no satisfactory answer is provided by the SELLER, HOPLIX may decide to promptly close the campaign by deleting every element from the campaign, by cancelling both the orders and the gains.
HOPLIX is committed to completing the restraint and removal in the shortest possible time, but if it is decided to remove a campaign for which the SELLER has already bought an advertising space, HOPLIX cannot be held responsible for any waste or economic disbursement.


The SELLER can require their gains from the page PAYOUT which is present in their own account. The profit for every product is calculated according the difference between the cost indicated to the SELLER and the selling price chosen by the SELLER, net the difference of VAT between the two prices.
To require the payment, the SELLER has to fill in the form SETTING available in their own account and to indicate which methods of payment they prefer among:

HOPLIX reserves the right to require any other document necessary for the correct application of the contract, before proceeding with the payment. All amounts are paid up to a maximum of 30 days from the date of request or from the receipt of any required documents (invoice or other).

HOPLIX cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the collection or payment of the VAT or any other tax or duty charged to the SELLER. If the local tax imposes a withholding tax on the amounts corresponding to the profit, HOPLIX will proceed with this provisioning tax and the SELLERS will then manage them for tax credits.

HOPLIX reminds SELLERS that the proceeds obtained from the campaigns/stores can lead to obligation of tax declarations and the payment of the amount due in taxes and charges according to local legislation is the responsibility of the SELLERS. HOPLIX cannot in any case be involved in these actions and cannot be held responsible in these matters.


When Seller in account or via Integrations or API/CSV/XLS the seller transfers an order, accepts the Terms and conditions present on the pageTerms and conditions.


All contracts concluded with us are subject to the Italian law. Any dispute which is related, derived or anyway connected to these General Terms and Conditions will be remitted to the jurisdiction of the registered office of HOPLIX SRL which is elected to all effects the Civil Court of Naples, in derogation of the law.


For any other information regarding the terms and conditions of use of the service offered by HOPLIX , please contact us using the contact page or the other information available on the page.